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Modern computer room construction should not only practical but the beauty is generous. According to how much television channel existing plus reserve calculation of the TV or monitor how much, and then according to the size of the room, location to design of TV wall and console. General room TV wall, the layout of the console from the room into the door to see a group of bright and beautiful television screen wall, the vision to a bright, a console in the front of the TV wall configuration, color, structure, etc and TV wall looks coordination.

From the size of the room to design a reasonable big TV wall and console.

TV wall from shape to three kinds: straight, curved, ball, which arc and arc side and surface arc over two.

The console is divided into straight and curved.

Straight type under the condition of TV wall is commonly used in computer room is not big, with the following groups of the console, used for security monitoring and building more radio and television in the small room.

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