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    Nantong fsa automation machinery co., LTD. Is a technology-based enterprise, subordinate snooker, automatic & bo sheng machinery, in the development of blog in the Service (Service), Professional (Professional), Outstanding (excellent), "(team), Obtain (harvest) as the representative of the enterprise culture, established the" to help customers succeed in partnership to help employees succeed, help partners succeed "as representative's core values, enrichment for" we create a better future."

    Company is committed to research and development of machinery, electronics, etc. Series automation equipment research and development manufacturing, within seven years, there have been hundreds of 3 feet to eight feet in length, working speed is 10 m/min to 60 m/min of each production line in domestic users in operation. Because of the production line running speed, wide material, low energy consumption, high degree of automation, etc. In the fierce market competition, with excellent cost performance to satisfy the customer demand, won the praise of the broad masses of users. Adhered to the "service for the customer, think for customers, customer convenience" development philosophy, constantly develop new products suitable for the innovation of the needs of customers.



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